A RihRih Look- A- Like for Drake?




Photo courtesy of MediaTakout.com & Instagram.com

According to MediaTakeout.com, the rapper named Drake got caught trying to talk to a model on the social network, Instagram. The post on Drake’s profile has since been deleted. Which is kind of suspect on Drake’s behalf

I think it’s funny considering the fact he says (in the post) he’s working on a “quiet project”, but the whole world of Instagram knows that there is a project. So it isn’t so quiet after all. (Lol)

AND.. Is it me? Or does this “model” resemble the famous songstress, Rihanna? Maybe it’s the light eyes, or maybe it’s the Roman numeral tattoo on her neck.. But she reminds me of RihRih.

Am I wrong? What do you guys think of this?


“Fan” on IG hears from Rihanna


On December 11th, apparently, songstress Rihanna told a fan off on Instagram. UrbanIslandz reported that Rihanna replied to a fan after the fan commented on Rihanna’s Prada bag… –___–

Like, c’mon Rihanna… I understand the point your making, but was is necessary to comment back?

I’m sure there are plenty of people that troll Rihanna’s page– all the time. Rihanna should ignore the bull, because of her notoriety.

Aside from the beef, I must say– it’s refreshing to know that there are artists that manage their own social media profiles, instead of an assistant or PR person.

Do you think it’s cool that Rih replied? Comment below.

Redesign? …Again?


Facebook has announced plans on redesigning the social network platform. They want to incorporate larger images, manageability of multiple feeds and make it similar to their mobile design.

Based on their last redesign (the timeline) I’m not anticipating the new redesign. When they introduced the timeline, it threw me off track and made me feel like I was on a completely new social network. I tried to hold on to my old profile for as long as possible before the new timeline took over my profile. Smh

What do you think about Facebook’s plan to redesign? How did you adjust to Facebook’s last redesign?

Sacrificing Instagram


As of recently, I deleted my Instagram account and I must say it has been difficult adjusting to my new Instagram-free lifestyle. As being a former user with over 2,500 followers and posting pictures daily it’s hard to not think about posting new material all the time.

A lot of my friends are even upset because I’ve deleted my profile (I guess they liked the content I used to post). But even though I have a lot of friends upset with me about the decision, it doesn’t compare to the heartache it’s caused in my personal romantic relationship. So with that being said, I deleted it in order to maintain a healthy relationship with my boyfriend.

Although I know the decision was drastic, I do know I’m not the only one that has gone through this dilemma. Social networking sites have been known to cause relationship problems. And it makes me ask, do you think social media impacts a relationship in a positive or negative way? Have you went through the same thing to maintain a relationship? Comment with your thoughts.

Snapchat on the rise


Snapchat is becoming the new popular social media in the digital world. Users are able to send friends short messages and pictures that vanish on feeds within seconds. Snapchat is showing that people do enjoy their privacy.

After Facebook, everyone is concerned about privacy. So social media networks like Snapchat are going to prosper because people don’t like having a digital record of everything that they’ve ever done.

How do you feel about this? Do you care about a digital record being kept about you? Do you like social platforms that immediately delete messages?

Private Messaging on IG


So apparently, Instagram is going to make an addition to their social media platform by adding private messaging. So now followers are going to be able to send you a private messages.

Personally, I doubt I will like that addition because I already don’t like the comments some of my followers make on my photos. So giving my followers the option of private messaging me isn’t ideal.

Ever since Facebook took over Instagram, Instagram has become more like Facebook by adding photo tagging, and now private messaging. I think Instagram should stay the same as how it first started. I think users like being able to just like photos and post the occasional comment. I don’t think users want to have the private messaging Instagram plans to offer.

Am I alone on this? What do you think? Do you like the idea of bringing private messaging to Instagram?

Youtube Switches Up the Comment Box


To me, commenting and replying on Youtube has always been a hassle. In order to find a comment, or a reply to a comment, one would have to search through countless posts in a comment box. Which, I may add, was particularly annoying so I personally refrained from making any comments on videos altogether.

According to Mashable, Youtube joined forces with Google+, a leading social networking site to upgrade the problem of the disorganized comment box. Now users of both Youtbe and Google+ will find it easier to carry on conversations because users will see people from their google+ circle, video producers and celebrities at the top of the comment box.

Although this is very convenient for those who have a Google+ account, but what about those users who don’t? They will still be forced to deal with all the hassles that come with having a conversion in the comment box. And also, I have a Google+ account– but I rarely use it for any social networking purposes; most of my friends are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So in reality, this integration has no effect on me, because I probably still won’t comment too often on Youtube anyway. But I do wish they would have done a collaboration with Facebook or Twitter, because I have active accounts on those sites and their commenting system works really well. Well, only time shall tell… til then, it’s Google+ .

What do you think about the new comment box YouTube has introduced? Do you like it, dislike it and why?